bulk scanning

equipment rental

gift packaging


Restore a photograph,

bringing back life.

Equipment Rental 

Projector and screen,

add a sound system.

Bulk Scanning

Bulk scanning,

a few photos or a lot!

Gift Packaging

Gift packaging,

beautiful gift ideas.

Gateway Anchor Life Studio provides the highest quality  restorations, bring life back to your damaged or aged photographs. Your treasured keepsakes can take on a new life to display it's true beauty.  Keeping the legacy for future generations.

Don't have the time to scan photographs?  Let us do the work for you.  We offer affordable packages that will bring great joy to your collections.  We gather, organize, restore and protect your precious and valuable treasures. Keep a copy at home for viewing, gift a copy or even put a copy in your safety deposit box.  Safe keeping is a safe future for your family legacy.

We offer custom gift packages to suit your every need.  A gift for a birthday... perhaps Christmas... themed or stand alone gifts, we do it all.


Need a gift card?   Gateway Anchor Life Studio offers gift certificates to help you with your gifting.  

Let's get started!

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Two things we want for our children... 

one is roots... the other is wings!

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